How To Customize Maps

mAfter you’ve inserted a map, just double-click  to edit.

m1The Heatmap mode sorts the data into five linear clusters according to their values. The darkest color reflects the highest value. You can modify the colors and cluster range under the Settings tab.

m2Enable Grouped data to aggregate data according to custom values like: “Which candidate did each state vote for?” Just type in a title at the top of the column to create a group.

m3Turn on Show value to enable interactive annotations. Use the columns Label & Text to display additional information. Add comments to provide some extra insights about the specific value or region, and use the Label column to translate the names in the English title column. 

m5Enable Points to display the values as bubbles.

m6The Points mode also displays the capital cities (by default) or smaller cities (enter the name manually in the spreadsheet).

m7Enabling Hide blanks will completely remove from the map the regions that you deleted in the spreadsheet.This can also be used as a hack, if for instance, you wish to show the map of a smaller region within a larger one, such as Scandinavia within Europe, but the smaller region is not available in the maps list.

m8Lat/Lon enables equirectangular projection maps that distort the size of countries closer to the poles much less than the mercator projection (the default one).

m9Click the Settings tab to A) modify colors B) define the color for regions that contain no values C) set the map height D) set the minimum and maximum range of data clusters for the heatmap.

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