How To Customize Text Objects

tTo add a text element to your project you can use either the right side navigation panel or the inline navigation. Basic account users can choose between multiple types of text elements. Upgrade to enable the rich-text editor and modify each of these text elements.

Types of Text Elements

t1Use the Title to describe the core topic of the project. Business and Enterprise users can set custom backlinks for titles on published charts. This can give an SEO boost for your site once your audience starts sharing your content.

t2Subtitles are smaller in size; use them to name each chart in your project. Upgrade to enable the rich-text editor and modify the size. The rich-text editor let’s you:

  • Modify the font size
  • Bold, underline and strikethrough text
  • Align paragraphs left, center or right
  • Use italics, hyperlink text and create lists

t3Quotation is good for emphasizing contextual information about the data. The quotation is styled according to the color theme you are using; upgrade to Enterprise to get a custom theme.

t4Body text is the smallest-sized text. Use it to give an extra, possibly lengthier explanation of the project or chart, for instance, explaining the context of the data.

t5The Timer automatically counts time until or from a certain date; such as the time left until the next elections or how much time has passed since the previous.

t6Use Facts & Figures to emphasize certain key data. You can change the icons and colors of the element. Upgrade Pro to get additional 150 icons or go for an Enterprise plan to get your own custom-designed icons.