Global Data Bases

One of the key challenges when writing articles is finding the right data to support and illustrate the story. And, while data lends credibility to any content piece, it is often left out for lack of time or access to the right data resources. Infogram has a built-in integration with 5 million data tables from the World Bank, UN, Eurostat, WHO, Yahoo Finance, U.S. SEC, FRED and the ECB. You’ll find all kinds of numbers ranging from Country GDPs to stock prices to life expectancy. Simply drag the charts to add data to your template, and double-click to format the graph.

How to use the global data bases integration:

gdOpen the puzzle (integrations) icon on the right side panel.

gd1Click on Search Global Data Bases and type in your query.

gd2Double-click to insert the chart into your project. Infogram will automatically add a title and the data source.

gd3Open the chart editor to modify the colors, the time range of the data and chart height. That’s it!

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